All drinkware products (not including lids, straws, and similar accessories) have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.   To obtain a warranty claim form to return your KOMPASS Drinkware product, please email warranty@kompassdrinkware.com with description of the defect in your KOMPASS Drinkware Product.

All returned drinkware products are inspected by the Returns Department. If the damage is the result of a manufacturing defect, we will offer a replacement for the defective product.  Manufacturing defects could cause the following problems:

1.      Inner wall detachment where the inner wall ceases to be attached to the outer wall.  Seal Failure.  Sometimes slight condensation can occur between the walls of your KOMPASS drinkware. This can be caused by the heat of the dishwasher or other external factors. If slight condensation or “cloudiness” appears it should disappear within a day or so.  Moisture, or “clouding” between the inner and outer walls without evidence of detachment is not a manufacturing defect.

2.      Heat Distortion where the inner wall or outer wall of the your KOMPASS are walls are raised or bumpy.  KOMPASS Drinkware can washed in the top rack of the dishwasher only.  Improperly washing your KOMPASS Drinkware in the lower rack of your dishwasher will void the lifetime warranty.

3.      Cracks where the inner wall or outer wall of your KOMPASS Drinkware has broken or has a fissure.

If the problem was not caused by a manufacturing defect or deviation from factory specifications, you may elect to have the product returned to you.  Drinkware products that are damaged due to improper care, abuse or normal wear and tear including fading and scratching will not be replaced.

Please note the life expectancy of KOMPASS Drinkware product depends on the individual use of the product. KOMPASS Drinkware products damaged by normal wear and tear or that have exceeded the reasonable life expectancy of the product will not be replaced.